Research Services

Connect the dotsClients engage us when they need quality, relevant information and analysis to answer business-critical questions or provide impeccable client deliverables. Leveraging a wide range of resources, we find what Google can’t, and we deliver the results in fully customized, decision-oriented reports.

Research Areas

Business, financial, and company research

Company/industry/market profiles, comparable company and transaction information, and competitive landscape research and analysis in support of valuations, investments and partnerships, M&As, strategic initiatives, and business development and growth

Historical and point-in-time company, industry, and economic research and overviews to aid with disputes and assessment of damages

Statistics, data, and demographic information sourcing for benchmarking, market initiatives, and other purposes

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Due diligence and business background research

Fact-finding background research — for the purpose of identifying red or yellow flags — to assist with potential investments and partnerships, M&As, new contractor and vendor relationships, and fraud investigations

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Recent Projects

Below are a few examples of projects we’ve completed for business valuators, forensic accountants, attorneys, M&A advisors, management consultants, and business owners.

For a comprehensive valuation report, our client required the outlook for the business process services sector, as well as the economic overview and outlook as at the valuation date.

For M&A purposes, a business broker hired us to identify and provide details of acquisition targets in the property management field in multiple jurisdictions.

For a fraud case, we performed public records and media searches to identify relationships between individuals and businesses.

For a business valuation, we identified major players and guideline companies in the furniture manufacturing industry, as well as transaction activity in the last few years.

For a board placement, we performed due diligence background checks to identify any red flags or possible conflicts of interest.

For business development purposes, we built a comprehensive report on the business strategy and growth expectations of several financial services firms.

Key Benefits of Working with Us

‣ We deep-dive into a large variety of information resources and uncover insights and intelligence that minimize risk and play a big part in your success.

‣ We analyze and distill vast quantities of information into a detailed yet concise package, providing you with an actionable deliverable.

‣ We can draw on a large network of domestic and international information professionals to provide you with specialized expertise when needed.

‣ We deliver custom research without increasing your overhead.

‣ Most importantly, our expert services allow you to concentrate on doing what you do best. To have pertinent, high-quality information, trust your research to us.