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Information is everywhere, but do you have the right information for smart decisions?

Why Call Us?

When you have an important client file on your desk, a significant project in development, or business-critical advice to deliver, do you have all the information you need to make it a success?

You need your reports and projects to be rooted in solid information, and you need that information to be timely and incisive. FSO Research & Information’s expert mining of quality information resources and clear, insightful reports will help you minimize decision-making risk and provide impeccable client deliverables.

What Do We Deliver?

We deliver customized, credible, and confidential research that is at the heart of successful client engagements, effective decision-making, and thorough due diligence and business backgrounding investigations.

Partnering with our clients on a project-by-project or ongoing basis, we deliver in-depth, actionable research that solves their knowledge gaps, in any format that suits their needs.

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Who Are We?

We are your secret weapon, your competitive advantage against the big guys.

We are expert business information consultants with deep knowledge of the information landscape and sources of hard-to-find data.

With access to a wide range of licensed databases, we go beyond everyday research tools like Google to uncover intelligence and connect the dots to provide you with meaningful information and insights.