Free Speech and Privacy at Work

When can an employee’s off-duty web postings or other activities be reasonably monitored and controlled by an employer in order to protect the business? This has been a recurring question since the rise of the public internet and especially of social media. This article does a nice job of reviewing Read More

Full Digitized Federal Hansard Now Available

Terrific news about the Canadian federal Hansard: the full Historical Debates of the Parliament of Canada are now available at’s portal. The searchable database includes all debates from Parliament 1, Session 1 (1867) until coverage on the parliamentary website begins (February 27, 1996, for the Senate, and January 17, 1994, Read More

New Online Case Law Additions in Canada and the U.S.

The trend toward providing more free online access to court opinions got a massive boost recently in both Canada and the U.S. In Canada, the Law Society of Upper Canada, the copyright holder of the Ontario Reports, made available to CanLII the full historical collection of OR case reports (15,000 decisions published Read More