Quick Tip Tuesday: Searching for Corporate Directors

Today’s quick tip is from a presentation I’ll be giving on May 14 on business backgrounding and due diligence research. If you’re an info pro in the Toronto area, please join me for what I hope will be an information-rich session. You can sign up here.

In Canada, corporations can be formed in all provinces and territories as well as federally. However, searching by director name is only possible for a federally registered corporation. You can use the site: command in Google on the Corporations Canada site, or use the Canadian Federal Corporations and Directors database in FPInfomart, though this latter resource is populated by the vendor and is not comprehensive.

Quick Tip Tuesday: Financial Filings

All Canadian publicly traded companies must file documents through their provincial or territorial securities commission. These filings are publicly available through SEDAR.

A little-known tip is that Canadian companies that also trade in the U.S. sometimes have to file there earlier than they do in Canada. So if you’re looking for current filings and your company of interest also trades in the U.S., look for filings on EDGAR.

Country-Specific Google Search

GoogleI’m often frustrated by the fact the Google customizes search results based on my search history and geographical location. Often I need to search a wider scope of sources than is spat out in Google.ca or even Google.com.

Here is a list of country-specific Google search engines — 158 in all — to help you do just that. If you don’t know the local language, use Chrome to translate the pages. Be sure to delete your search history and log out of Google if you’re logged in, so you don’t get any results based on your previous searches.

Photo source: Simon Steinberger via Global Panorama, Flickr