Quick Tip Tuesday: International Newspapers

I recently came across Newspaper Map, an interactive map of over 10,000 news outlets from around the world. Each pin links to the homepage of a news outlet, and provides links to Google translations in various languages (Chrome will also provide an option to translate the site). Digitized historical newspapers are also available by clicking “hist.,” though these are limited.

Quick Tip Tuesday: Company Extensions

If you do any kind of research on foreign companies, it’s imperative to know how the companies are structured. Canadian businesses fall into one of four categories — sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or cooperative — and corporations usually carry the designation Inc., Corp., or Ltd.

For foreign companies, there’s an array of other designations and extensions. This page provides a list of these extensions and explains what the terms mean and where they are used. The list also helps narrow your search if you don’t know what country a company is based in.